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Guilty or Not Guilty?
It’s Your Choice – Make Sure You Hire The Right Attorney

As former prosecutors, my team can tell you that there is absolutely no reason you should not immediately hire a skilled DUI defense attorney if you have been arrested on DUI charges in Massillon or elsewhere in Stark County. Our clients are people who cannot afford to be convicted of a DUI, because even on a first offense you face:

  • Mandatory jail (minimum 3 days up to 6 months)
  • Mandatory license loss (minimum 6 months to 3 years)
  • Party Plates
  • Interlock Device
  • 6 Points on your license
  • Permanent criminal record

Hiring a professional, experienced, DUI defense attorney can be the difference between a painful experience and complete freedom!

Many people believe that there is no hope in defending against these charges, that they should basically give up. But consider the following:

  • The State has to prove you were too impaired to be driving – to do this their officer needs to have been near perfect in how they administered the field sobriety tests… and no officer is!
  • On top of this breath testing devices are incredibly unreliable – they can be manipulated easily by a number of factors: the officer telling you to “blow harder, blow harder”.
  • Prosecutors prefer to avoid trial and the risk of losing one of these cases.

Every day we sit in courts all across Ohio and we see people make the mistake of going into their DUI hearing alone or with an attorney that has no idea what they are doing. You will often see us talking with these attorneys, giving them advice.

DUI law is highly technical that involves science & physics…. and it requires an attorney that can put it all together in a way that protects the most important person in the case – you!

Call me, personally, at (330) 752-6706. Ask to speak with me, Joe Patituce, about the specifics of your DUI arrest in Massillon. The call is completely confidential and without any obligation – we do not believe you should have to pay just to talk to us.

If I agree to take your case on I promise that my team of former prosecutors will go to work fighting to protect you!