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Our Former Prosecutors Know Exactly What Parts Of The States Case Against You To Attack


If you have been arrested for a DUI/OVI in the Akron area, there are certain defenses that can be used to defend you – and strategies that we often use to protect you from all possible penalties associated with your case.

All of us at Patituce & Associates base our defense and strategy on tactics that work…. and more importantly we select strategies and tactics based on the evidence. For us it all starts and ends there – with the evidence. Examples:

Did The Police Officer Have Probable Cause To Stop Your Vehicle?

A police officer cannot just pull you over and demand you submit to field sobriety testing, and breath tests. This might sound obvious, but many times police officers will use very weak reason they can think of as justification for pulling a person over – when the entire time the officer just wants to test you for a possible DUI charge. In the winter, we see people being pulled over for having too much snow on their license plate.

Even after the stop the officer has to have justification for asking you to submit to testing – typically they try to trick you into giving them cause by asking how much have you had to drink, or where you are coming from.

If you’ve been arrested, look at your paperwork. It probably states on the 2255 form that “Odor of alcohol, bloodshot glassy eyes, admissions, SFSTs”. As DUI Attorneys in the Akron area, we know what the police usually write down in order to justify their arrest.

Was The Field Sobriety Test Properly Administered?

From a strategic standpoint, it is always better if you do not take a field sobriety test – exercise your right not to incriminate yourself. You are going to be arrested and charged with refusing, but it is better than giving the police evidence of intoxication.

If you did take the field sobriety tests you need to know that your arresting officer probably made several mistakes. If these mistakes are properly exploited. the field sobriety tests are not admissible, and if they are not admissible then they cannot be used against you in court. The added benefit is that the results of the breath test can also be excluded in the same way!

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