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Why You Should Hire A DUI Attorney For Your DUI Charges

Consider this: all DUI charges in Ohio carry mandatory jail time, a mandatory license suspension of 6 months to 3 years, and six points on your license. As a result of a DUI conviction you could lose your job, lose your home, face tremendously high insurance rates for years.

A DUI is a criminal charge, in fact it is the highest level misdemeanor in the state. Knowing that, the question should be why wouldn’t you hire an attorney?

The goal of hiring a DUI attorney to defend you is to avoid a conviction, but the point can also be to reduce or mitigate your exposure too. For instance, even if you were throwing up on the hood of the cruiser there is something that an attorney can do for you.

An experienced DUI attorney can be the difference between a lengthy and harsh punishment and freedom.

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