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What Happens At Your First Hearing In Akron Municipal Court?

If you have been arrested for a DUI/OVI in the Akron area you have most likely been summoned to appear at Akron Municipal Court in Downtown Akron. Most people have had no experience with the legal system and are often filled with some amount of understandable worry about what happens at their first appearance.

Your first appearance is the stage of your case where you appear, with an attorney, and enter a plea of not guilty to all of the charges you face. Now, in a practical sense you may very well be guilty but you must still enter a plea of not guilty.

If you enter a plea of no contest, or guilty, in an attempt to throw yourself on the mercy of the court you will find out that even on a first offense you MUST be incarcerated in either jail or a three day confined class. In some cases your first offense can carry a mandatory minimum of six full days in jail.

After you enter your plea of not guilty your case will be assigned to one of the municipal judges, a first pretrial hearing will be set. A pretrial is the first time for the prosecutor and your attorney to formally meet and exchange evidence. From this point additional court dates will be set if necessary.

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