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Should You Hire An Akron DUI Attorney?

Many times the people faced with DUI/OVI charges are people who have never had a run in with the law before, and most firmly believe that they should just go in and take their medicine and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.

As a former prosecutor myself I can tell you how horrible of an idea this is.

A first offense DUI has the potential for mandatory fines, mandatory jail time, mandatory license suspensions of up to three years, mandatory party plates, mandatory interlock devices. These are things that no one should risk alone, and even if the judge wants to, or wishes that they could, avoid giving you jail time you must be confined for three days at a minimum if you are convicted.

I often use the analogy of an individual going into court alone, without an experienced lawyer, as being almost as bad as performing surgery on yourself. No one, unless it was an extreme case would perform surgery on themself – why would you perform legal surgery on your freedom?

Often people are afraid of spending money on an attorney. It is true, attorneys do cost money, but the cost of a conviction is going to cost you even more than the attorney. Think about the consequences of being in jail, or not being able to drive for a significant chunk of time?

All law firms are different, but we charge “flat fees” on DUI case. This means that you know exactly what your case will cost you, up front, and in writing.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you give us a call at (330) 752-6706. Ask to speak to me, Joseph Patituce, regarding your case. I am an Akron DUI Lawyer who if I agree to take on your case promise that you and your case will be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve.

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