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Should I Plea Guilty Or No Conest At The First Hearing?


If you plea no-contest or guilty at your first court appearance you are going to be confined for a minimum of 3 or 6 days, depending on your case, up to a maximum of 180 days. You will lose your license for a minimum of six months up to three full years, you face the registered (party plates) and other penalties.

Every day I sit in courts across this state and I see people walk into court and believe that they are throwing themselves upon the mercy of the court. Unfortunately, these people all learn that even the judges have no power to go under the minimums. Some people learn that the judges want to go far above them in certain cases.

Just today I sat in court waiting for my client’s case to be called. A physician walked in, plead no contest, told the judge all about his lack of criminal record and his utter remorse. It sounded like a very true story, everyone felt bad for him. The judge then sentenced him to 6 days in jail, suspended his license for 6 months, required him to put the party plates on his car, required the interlock device.

Was this because the judge was one of those harsh “hang em” judges? Absolutely not. This judge is a remarkable person who does his best to make sure the punishment fits the facts and the crime. I have a great deal of respect for him.

Rather the judge is bound by the law. This is why you need to first hire an attorney and enter a not guilty plea. This is what my client did, and when I received the discovery (evidence) I noticed that the machine’s calibration was out of date – my client will not be pleading guilty to a DUI/OVI.

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