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How Long Can You Lose Your License On A First Offense DUI?

One of the most problematic results of being stopped for a DUI is that you are going to lose your license, at least temporarily, one way or the other. Once an officer smells the odor of alcohol on your breath and you are behind the wheel the officer has already made the decision to arrest you – he is now thinking through how he will pull it off.

I say your license is going to be suspended one way or the other because if you refuse the field tests he will cite you with an OVI refusal and take your license administratively for one year. If you take the breath test and fail he is going to take it for 90 days. The catch here is he does not tell you that the court will suspend your license for a minimum of six months up to three full years on a first offense.

How do you avoid this? You hire the best attorney you can afford.

There are methods to use to get around both the administrative suspension and the court imposed suspension – they are complicated and highly dependent upon the facts of your case.

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