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Can I Get Driving Privileges After A DUI Arrest?

One of the first questions that clients have for us is how long will it take before they can drive. Most of our clients need to drive, and they need to drive as soon as possible. This makes sense as the ability to drive is central to our everyday life. We drive for work, school, and our families.

There are two ways to obtain driving privileges. Both carry risks and rewards that need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Many attorneys who do not practice this area of law frequently run head long into them without much thought. Fortunately, as former prosecutors we know how to tailor the situation to best work for you.

The first method I want to discuss is the ALS appeal/stay. When you failed your breath test, or you refused it, you were placed under a suspension. The ALS appeal/stay requests that the court immediately give you full driving privileges back, and reinstate your license. This can happen before any minimum suspension time is up. There is a lot of risk here though, if you want to explore this option give us a call.

The second method is to petition the court for limited privileges for work, school, and other permitted matters. This does not restore your full ability to drive, however, it does get you driving again. One drawback here is that there are minimum amounts of time that you need to wait before driving. This route is often safer and more conservative, but you should discuss this with your attorney.

If you would like help getting back on the road call us at (330) 752-6706. Ask to speak to me, Joseph Patituce, I am an Akron DUI Attorney who routinely helps his clients obtain driving privileges while we aggressively fight their DUI charges.

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