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Can A Breath Test Be Beat?


Breath testing devices are, by their nature, subject to some significant variation around what your actual breath test is. This means that if you blew a .092 and the machine has a natural variation of +/- .01 to .03 your actual breath test level could be .062!

It is important to aggressively defend yourself from any charges involving a breath test. There are other methods for beating a breath test that range from extremely difficult and costly to effective yet not expensive.

Many, if not most, prosecutors are over confident when it comes to prosecuting breath test results. Most assume, and incorrectly believe, that the breath test device is highly accurate when in fact it is not.

If I told you that there was a chance that your income would vary by up to 33% a given week you would not want that job, why would a jury want to convict on that evidence?

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