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Can An Akron DUI Attorney Help Get Driving Privileges?

One of the most important issues that my clients face is the ability to drive – they need to drive for work.  Without the ability to drive my clients are not able to support themselves, their families, and meet all of the other obligations that they have in their lives.  Ohio DUI penalties are comparatively harsh when compared to other states – there are mandatory waiting periods before privileges can be obtained, and a judge can say no!

It is our job as attorneys to obtain your driving privileges for you – an Akron DUI Attorney can truly be the difference between obtaining privileges and not.  In many cases obtaining privileges is routine, but in some cases there are significant issues that arise that can complicate the situation.  For instance, some of our clients need to not only drive to work but they need to drive to multiple locations while at work.  Also there are some clients that need to drive a company vehicle.  These are issues we can help with.

If you are serious about obtaining driving privileges and defending yourself from your DUI charges call us at (330) 752-6706. The call is confidential and without obligation, ask to speak to me – Joe Patituce.  I am an Akron DUI Attorney who if I agree to accept your case promise that I and my whole team will treat you and your case with the dignity that it deserves.

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