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How much time can you get on a first offense DUI?

I find that almost routinely all new clients fall into two categories when discussing the penalties that they face on a first offense DUI/OVI charge.  The first group is incredibly anxious about the amount of time they face – you face up to six months in jail on a first offense DUI.  This first group is completely beside themselves worrying about what will happen to their families, their job, their home if they have to go away for six months.  The second group is confident that they will not face any jail time because it is a first offense and everyone hears stories about people who were in accidents and received reductions.  There is mandatory jail time on even a first offense!

There is good news, and bad news, for both groups of people.  On one hand it is very rare for an individual to be saddled with six months in jail on a first offense.  If you have 10 DUI convictions in your lifetime, or there are other very bad facts of your case you might be sentenced to a long jail sentence – but most people do not go to jail for six months on a first offense case.  On the other hand every DUI in Ohio has a mandatory minimum amount of jail time that you must serve in at least some form of confinement.  This means that your freedom will be removed, by law, for as much as six days on a first offense.  There are other mandatory penalties on a first offense.  For instance, you may be required to equip your car with the special “party” plates as a result of your conviction.

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