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How soon can I get my driver’s license back after a DUI/OVI?

One of the first questions I am asked by almost every potential client relates to how long it will take to get their driver’s license back.  Our clients are people with jobs and families, they need to be able to drive as quickly as possible.  Most are horrified to find out that even on a first offense there might be as long as a 30 day waiting period before we can obtain privileges for them.  On top of that many clients feel mislead by police officers who tell them that they will only lose their license for 90 days if they take the test – on a first offense DUI, with a breath test or not, you could lose your license for a full three years!  It is important to hire an experienced DUI Attorney to handle your defense, to obtain your driver’s license back.

On a first offense, with a failed breath test, you are looking at a 15 day waiting period to get your driving privileges.  The BMV suspends all licenses immediately upon a breath test failure, or refusal – which carries a 30 day period before getting your driving privileges.  On a second offense the waiting period is much longer, on a third, fourth, or beyond it could be as long as a year.

If you are serious about defending your DUI/OVI case call us at (330) 752-6706.  Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce, a DUI Attorney in Akron.  As a former prosecutor I understand your case in a way few others can, I promise that my staff and I will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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