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How to find an attorney to defend a DUI in the Akron area.

I find that one of the more difficult first problems that my clients need to overcome is the choice of attorney needed to defend them.  The situation surrounding being arrested and charged with a DUI is often an overwhelming experience to begin with, and when they realize that they need to fight to defend themselves they become often frustrated.  There are literally tens of thousands of attorneys out there, some criminal, some civil, and very few who focus on DUI defense on a main practice area.  It is important to hire an experienced, dedicated, DUI Attorney to handle your defense.

As a prosecutor I handled cases from DUI all the way up to murder.  I can tell you that going up against an attorney that casually practiced in a certain area was completely different than going up against a defense attorney that focused heavily on that area.  For instance, I once tried a high level drug case against an attorney that had never handled one before – he did not understand the chemical composition of the drug his client was charged with.  This is something important for drug defense.  In DUI cases it is important that your attorney be comfortable handling the case – knows how to obtain the dash cam, knows how to question the police officers, knows when the police officers make mistakes on field sobriety tests, knows how to defeat a breath testing machine – and so on.

If you are serious about defending your DUI charges call us at (330) 752-6706.  The call is confidential, ask to speak to me Joe Patituce – I am an Akron DUI Attorney practicing DUI Defense all across the state.  As former prosecutors all of my attorneys and I will defend you from these charges and treat you with the dignity you deserve.

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