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How long until you can drive again after a DUI/OVI arrest

I have found that one of my clients’ biggest, and understandably so, concerns is about getting back on the road and driving as soon as possible.  My clients’ have jobs, families, schooling that requires they be able to drive as quickly as possible.  Driving is an essential part of our daily lives and care should be taken to make sure that a DUI arrest does not ruin your life.  It is important to hire a DUI Attorney who has the experience, and reputation, necessary to defend you.

DUI Defense is one of the most technical, complicated, area of the law.  Not only does an attorney need to have the skills necessary to defend a criminal case, but the attorney also needs to be able to handle the real world implications that being arrested for a DUI has.  For instance, as talked about here if you are arrest for a DUI you will lose your right to drive for a certain minimum amount of time.  On a first offense you could lose your license for thirty days prior to getting driving privileges.  If you are convicted you could lose your license for three full years… even on  first offense.

The court may also require you to do certain things prior to the granting of driving privileges.  You might be required to install a device called the “interlock ignition” device that requires you blow into it prior to the car starting – you might also be required to have the special plates (also known as the party plates) on your car while you drive with driving privileges.

If you have been charged with an OVI/DUI call us at (330) 752-6706 for your free consultation.  My name is Joe Patituce, I am a DUI Attorney in Akron.  I defend people charged with all types of serious charges and would be willing to listen to your case and explain what we can do to help.

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