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Is it worth fighting a DUI/OVI charge?

Often I am asked if it is worth fighting a DUI arrest or charge.  Many times people have been lead to believe that just because they have been charged with a DUI (or OVI as it is called in Ohio) that they have no hope and that they are going to be convicted of a DUI and that it will be on their record forever.  Almost everyone has heard, or seen, the commercials that say “If you drink and drive you lose.” Or some variation of that. The truth is that if you hire an experienced DUI Lawyer you do not lose, you will not be punished for hiring a lawyer.

If you get convicted of a DUI on even a first offense you may be looking at a minimum of six days in jail depending on your breath test or if you refused.  On top of this you may need to have the party plates, you might need to have the interlock device (a device you need to blow into to even start your car), you might need to wear a scram bracelet, and you might need to go to specialized counseling.

Call us at (330) 752-6706 for a pressure free, no obligation consulation. We are DUI Lawyers in Akron and my name is Joe Patituce.  I am a former county prosecutor who has tried many cases on my clients’ behalf.  I promise that I, and my attorneys, will take your case and treat it with the seriousness that it deserves.  Call today.

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