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Can an Akron DUI Lawyer beat a DUI/OVI?

One of the first questions I am asked by a potential client is “Can you beat my DUI? What do you think my odds are?”  These are very fair questions.  When you purchase a product or a service you want to know what to expect.  I certainly do not buy something without knowing everything I can about it: I do my research, read reviews, ask other people who have experience with it questions.  Here though I would be doing you a disservice if I told you that I could beat your case without seeing the evidence.  If an attorney tells you that he can beat your case prior to, at a minimum, seeing: (1) the police report, (2) dash cam video, (3) chemical analysis, (4) speaking to the prosecutor, (5) investigating the arresting officer – you should run away fast.

An Akron DUI Lawyer can beat a DUI.  The public is lead to believe that “if you drink and drive, you lose” as if these cases are air-tight, slam dunks.  The reality is that there are a number of different ways to attack, and beat a DUI, but each case is different.  Truthfully, if you are throwing up and falling over drunk on the dash cam video there is not going to be a lot of success there – however, we are able to recognize that and can then work  to help you avoid jail.  Still, many officers make huge mistakes on these cases – they do not perform the field tests correctly, they do not administer the breath and urine testing correctly.  This is why it is important to hire an experienced DUI attorney to defend you.

Example: Service member charged with a second DUI in six years.  On its face this seems like a slam dunk – the guy has a prior conviction, how can the prosecutor possibly lose?! Well take a look at Akron Municipal Court case 2011 TRC 17383 and you will see how.  This young man came to us after having been with another attorney.  Our client was not happy with the defense he was receiving so he switched.  We immediately recognized the risk to him (he was facing a minimum of 20 days in jail and being discharged from the military).

What was outrageous about this case is that when we watched the videos associated with the case it became fairly clear that our client was not actually drunk.  We filed what is called a motion to suppress – I asked the court to throw certain pieces of evidence out.  The court agreed with me and threw out the field sobriety tests – the police officer testified horribly for the prosecutor and was clearly not going to be a good witness.  The result was that the prosecutor, the day of trial, offered us a reckless operation – something almost impossible to get on a second offense in Akron. My client was thrilled, his career with the military was saved – and he walked out with a very, very small fine.

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