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Akron DUI Definition

There are many different acronyms that all talk relate to offenses of driving under the influence.  Many people call it “DUI”, “DWI”, or just drunk driving.  In Ohio all driving under the influence charges fall under the category of O.V.I, or operating a vehicle while impaired.  There is no functional difference between calling it a DUI, DWI, or OVI.  In the end it is very important to hire a DUI Lawyer to defend you from these charges.

All OVI offenses carry with them a mandatory jail sentence, even on a first offense.  People are often shocked and horrified to find discover that even on a first offense that they are facing the possibility of going to jail.  Many of my clients fall into this category – they have never been in trouble and  are worried about all of the other consequences associated with having a DUI on their record.

Call us at (330) 752-6706 for a pressure free, no obligation, consultation with me – Joe Patituce.  I am an Akron DUI Lawyer and if I agree to take on your case myself, and my team of ex-prosecutors will go to work for you right away.

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