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What does an Akron DUI Attorney cost?

Popular culture often describes picking up a DUI as the 20,000 dollar ride home.  When reaching this figure they include the following costs: fines, court costs, impound fees, parking fees, transportation fees, temporary loss of income, incarceration fees, probation fees, monitoring fees, alcohol device fees, registration fees, increased insurance costs, and attorney fees. It is important to hire an Akron DUI Attorney that is experienced in defending these types of cases.

In Ohio all DUI/OVI offenses carry with them minimum jail sentences – even on a first offense. On a first offense refusal, or a  test over .17, you are looking at six days in jail as a minimum.  On a second offense you might be facing a minimum of twenty days in jail.

All of my attorneys, myself included, are former prosecutors.  We have been on both sides of criminal cases – we have sent people to jail and prison, we have also spared people from convictions on cases where the prosecutors thought that they had overwhelming evidence.  It all comes down to the type of case you have, the evidence, and the expertise of your attorney.

Call us at (330) 752-6706 for your pressure free, no obligation, consultation. Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce, about becoming your Akron DUI Attorney.  As a former prosecutor, and owner of this Firm, I promise to treat your call and case with the respect it deserves.  We do not hand our cases off to low level associates, you will have either myself or an incredibly skilled attorney on your case.

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