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Can I go to jail on a first offense OVI/DUI?

Many times my clients are absolutely shocked, and horrified, when they learn that on a even on a first offense DUI that they might have to go to jail on a first offense!!  A first offense DUI may carry with it a minimum required sentence of six days in jail!  If you refuse a breath, urine, or blood test on a first offense and then plea no-contest or guilty you are going to go to jail, or confinement, for at least six days up to six months – even on a first offense.

In order to protect yourself you need all the information possible to make the right choices.  On a first offense with a refusal, or test over .17 BAC, you are looking at a minimum 6 days in jail, a fine of $1075.00, 6 points on your license, 6 months to 3 years of jail, the party plates, and being required to have the interlock device in your car.  The interlock device is a device that you need to blow into prior to starting your car.

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