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First Offense Penalties for a DUI/OVI

I am often told during an initial consultation with a client that they do not think they face any jail time because “this is my first offense”.  In fact for the vast majority of my clients this is a first offense of any kind, let alone a speeding or parking ticket.  However, the sad truth is that even on a first offense you could face as high as a minimum of six days in jail on a first offense.  In fact you face up to a maximum of six months on even a first offense, and there are definitely judges that will sentence you to months in jail depending on your case.  This is why it is important to find an Akron DUI Attorney to handle your case, even on a first offense.

On top of the minimum amount of jail time possible you face the reality that a DUI can never be expunged from your record, carries with it six points on your driver’s license, requires that your license be suspended for at least six months and up to three years, and a large fine.  Depending on your breath test or if you refuse you could even be forced to have the yellow plates AND the interlock device (you have to blow into a straw to start your car) This is why you should make sure that you take every possible step to protect yourself. Our DUI Attorney in Akron prepares every case for trial, not plea, from the very beginning.

We are not PLEA attorneys, we are trial attorneys.  Our clients are the type of people that cannot afford to have a DUI on their record – they are professionals, doctors, lawyers, CDL truck drivers, nurses, and teachers – they are also mothers, fathers, college students – people who do not want the embarassment of this charge.

Call us today at (330) 752-6706 for your pressure free, no obligation consultation.  Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce, I am an Akron DUI Attorney. The call is completely free and confidential, when retained we start fighting for you immediately.

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