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Ravenna DUI Lawyer: Beating a DUI in Portage County

I am often asked whether or not a DUI attorney can make a difference in Portage County.  The answer is most definitely yest.  Everyone has a friend, or a friend of a friend, that claims they went in to court at their first appearance and plead their case to the judge.  They continue to claim that the judge then decided to give them a reckless operation, oddly in the telling of this story it is always reckless operation.

They tell you that you do not need a lawyer-  go get reckless op!  Sadly, many people believe this.  If you have a friend who tells you this, go on to the court docket and look at how many days they got on their first offense DUI – where the minimum is three days in jail up to six months, and a possible three year license suspension.  I am sure they did not tell you this! A DUI Attorney in Ravenna, or Kent, can be the difference between freedom and a conviction.

So… to the point?  How do we beat DUI charges?  DUI is incredibly complicated, and incredibly complex.  But the cases are not slam dunks for the government.  We attack the cases based on the field sobriety tests.  That’s right field sobriety tests are often successfully challenged by our DUI lawyers.  We make it a point, and I personally make it a point to review every dash camera involved.  We not only look for the mistakes that police officers frequently make, but we also look for the things that you – our client has done correct.

We challenge, and beat, the breath testing device.  What is a breath testing device?  It is a machine.  We all know how machines can malfunction, just think of that first VCR that you purchased.  Could you figure out how to set the timer on it?  Probably not.  Well right now Ohio has a fancy new device called the intoxlyzer 8000 and most police departments have no idea how to use it – other than to just make you blow into it.  Most police departments are frustrated with it because the Department of Health can simply change the records during the course of an investigation.  As defense attorneys we like this machine – the results are getting tossed out often.  As a citizen I am afraid of this machine and how the government uses it.

If you have been charged with a DUI call us at (330) 752-6706 for your pressure free, no obligation consultation.  As an Akron DUI Attorney I would be more than happy to discuss the facts of your case and do what I can to make sure you beat your DUI charge.  Each case is different, each client is different.  Call us to find out what we can do for you.

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