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Can I beat my Akron DUI?

I think that my clients fall into one of two categories when they first start speaking with me, and it is completely understandable why.  The first category are people who are absolutely horrified about the consequences associated with a DUI – from the license suspension to the mandatory minimum amount of jail time.  The second category of people are people who have talked to a bunch of different attorneys that charge low rates, and dabble in this area of law – they may have even made promises on what the outcome would be.

Both categories of clients believe the same myth, prior to our conversation: “You cannot beat a DUI charge.”  Because of certain groups and the political pressure they apply on Judges, Prosecutors, and the Public, most people believe that there is no way to beat a DUI and that the system will not cut them some slack.  This could not be farther from the truth. We have successfully beaten the field sobriety tests, the breath tests, and virtually every other type of test on behalf of our clients.  Each case is different, but our experience and past results while they do not mean we will win your trial – it shows that the myth is simply that … a myth.

An Akron DUI Attorney can be the difference between a DUI conviction and a dismissal.  Do not go into the courtroom without an attorney that actively practices DUI defense as a major portion of their practice.  Make sure that the attorney you hire has taken an actual DUI case to trial by judge and jury – this type of experience is necessary to properly defend, and advise a client on how to proceed.  As former prosecuting attorneys both my partner, and I, have a tremendous amount of experience in front of judges and juries.

Call me, Joe Patituce, today at (330) 752-6706, for a free consultation with an Akron DUI Attorney.  Ask to speak to me personally and I will be glad to review your situation with you, providing you with the best representation that we can.

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