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Who is the best DUI Attorney in Akron, Ohio?

One of the questions I am occassionally asked by my clients is who do I think the best DUI attorney in the Akron area is.  I think it is pretty straightforward as to what my personal opinion is, however, I always make it a habit of pointing my clients to internet resources that are readily available – and that attorneys have no control over.  There are a lot of websites out there that attorneys can actually pay to rate them, and there are others that no one can change.  As for my Firm’s own reputation I always suggest using Google and searching for “attorney joseph patituce reviews” or some version of that – I think you will be very happy with what you find.

Those of us that devote a large portion of our practice to DUI defense agree that at a minimum the best DUI attorneys should be doing the following:

It is important to obtain the dash camera video from your arrest.  We all know that police officers are human, and an arrest is just as frightening for you as it is for the police officer (believe it or not).  Because of this police officers will sometimes check off incorrect boxes on the field sobriety tests, sometimes though there are police officers that overstate their case, exaggerate, and sometimes lie.  Video does not lie and we often use the dash cam video to exonnerate our clients from the charges they are facing.

A police report, for a DUI, should contain very specific DUI forms relating to the field sobriety tests.  These forms include your performance on the walk and turn test, the eye test, and the one leg stand test.  Mistakes on these forms count in your favor because your performance on the test is how they demonstrate that you were under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, at the time of your arrest.

We analyze, attack, and defend your from the breath test result if you took the test.  Many people feel hopeless when they fail a breath test – how can you beat it?  That’s what many people ask us.  If it was impossible to beat the breath test we would not be in business.  We routinely defend our clients from breath test results all over the State of Ohio, and in the Akron area specifically.  As former prosecutors we know what we are looking for, and where to attack the machine.

If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge in the Akron area give me, Joe Patituce, a call – the consultation is free, without any obligation, and if I decide to take your case on I would be honored to start working as your Akron DUI Attorney immediately.  Call us at (330) 752-6706 today!

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