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What can a DUI Attorney do for you in Akron, Ohio?

I find that during our first conversation, most of our clients ask: What can you do for me on my Akron DUI case?

The short answer is: we fight.  Sometimes these fights reach epic, and media, proportions.  We are not a cookie-cutter law firm.  We understand every client is different and every case is different.  We feel that it is incredibly dishonest, and disrespectful to do any different.

The longer answer requires a review of the facts and concerns in your case.  Every one of our clients is different.  Some of our clients are concerned primarily about their license, while others are more focused on minimizing jail time.  Other considerations include: the facts of your case, whether you have any prior convictions, and what your individual concerns are.

For us to determine what the best defense for your situation and your individual needs: you need to speak to an attorney, such as us, who focuses in DUI/OVI defense.

No matter whether this is your first offense or whether you have prior convictions, we can evaluate the evidence and determine the best course of action.  The timing to request driving privileges for you depends on your charges and whether you have any prior convictions.  We can ensure your motion for privilges is before the court at the earliest opportunity.  The facts of your case may warrant the filing of a motion to suppress, which would challenge the evidence the prosecutor plans to use to convict you.  After reviewing the evidence, we can decide whether such a challenge is appopriate in your case.  You have the right to require the prosecutor to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.  We can advise you as to whether a plea offered by the prosecutor is in your best interests, or if you should take your case to trial.  If you decide you want a trial, we can decide whether your case would be best tried to a jury or tried to the judge.  These decisions can only be made with an understanding of the facts of your case and your individual needs.  These decisions should only be made with the advice of an attorney.  The consequences of an uninformed or ill-informed decision can be life altering.  Your family, employment, and life depend on knowledgable and factually appropriate advice.

Call (330) 752-6706 to speak with one of our former prosecutors about your Akron, Ohio DUI charges. The call is completely free, no hassle, and without any obligation.  If we decide to take your case we will defend you.

We are happy to discuss the facts of your case and your individual concerns with you.  We would be honored to be your DUI Attorney in Akron. Please call us anytime for a no obligation consultation to determine what we can do you for you in your Akron DUI at 330-752-6706.

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