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Field Sobriety Tests in the Akron, Massillon, area.

I handle a lot of cases in the Akron and Massillon area where my clients are pulled over for a very weak reason – license plate light, failure to signal, speed.  Unfortunately, most people do not know that they have the right to remain silent when speak to the police – and as a result of this they end up telling the police that they have had one or two drinks.  The result of this is that our client has undergone a field sobriety test.  Many people, and prosecutors, focus on the breath or blood test – not knowing that a huge portion of the prosecutor’s case comes from the field sobriety test.


Unfortunately, many of my clients start taking the field sobriety test before they realize they should not take it.  That’s ok – as a former prosecutor, both my partner and, I learned how to handle the police and their testimony.  A field sobriety test is only admissible if (1) the cop has been properly trained, (2) that training is a recognize organization under O.R.C. 4511.19, (3) the officer substantially complied with the requirments of the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration.

We often have the results of our clients’ field sobriety tests tossed out because the police officer was not properly trained, or that he did not properly perform the test.  Most people, and many attorneys, do not realize that if the police officer does not perform the test correctly that it cannot come into court.

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