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When can I get driving privileges after my Akron area DUI?

In my experience one of the most important questions my clients ask, initially, is how long they are going to be without a license.  Often it is just setting in that because the police officer took their license that they have lost it.  How long you have lost your license depends on your specific situation, and your specific case.  I have been successful obtaining driving privileges for my clients in a number of different situations, as former prosecutors all of my lawyers understand how to do this and how important it is.

1- Administrative License Suspension and Driving Privileges

If you take a breath test and fail, you lose your license.  If you refuse a breath test you are going to lose your license.  (In another section we discuss how taking a breath test is probably better for your case overall.)  It might seem to you as if the deck is stacked against you in these types of cases, and you are right.  Because of pressure from groups like MADD, RADD, and SADD prosecutors, judges, and legislators are under huge pressure to punish you.

All of this aside, if this is your first offense and you did fail the breath test you are looking at a suspension from the BMV of 90 days with the possibility of obtaining driving privileges after 15 days.  If you refused to take a breath test you are looking at a BMV suspension of 1 year with privileges possible after 30 days.

It is possible, depending on your case, to obtain driving privileges before these minimum time periods are up.  Call us to find out how.

2- You might lose your license beyond these time periods.  Call us to find out why.

Most people are told, at about 2 a.m., that if they take the breath test they will lose their license for 90 days but if they refuse they will lose it for a full year.  What the kind police officer has failed to tell you is that if you are convicted of a first offense DUI you are going to lose your license for 6 months to 3 years, if it is a second offense 1 year to 5 years.

Call us for your pressure free, obligation free, consultation.  I can be reached at (330) 752-6706.  If necessary I would be more than glad to meet with you at our Cleveland, or Akron, office to discuss the facts of your case.  As former prosecutors we would be honored in becoming your Akron DUI Attorney.  Call today.

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