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What should I plead in my DUI case in Akron Ohio?

As a former prosecutor I can tell you that this is one of the most often asked questions.  All of my clients want to know “what should I plead?” when they call in – the answer, nearly 100% of the time, is to plead NOT GUILTY.  Even if we do not agree to take your case on you need to do the right thing and plead not guilty – there are a few circumstances where you actually would want to enter a no-contest plea but call me to go over that.

1- But I know I am guilty, why plead not-guilty???

Many people are initially worried that the judge will be harsh on them if they enter this plea.  This is not the case and there is a tremendous difference between entering a not guilty plea and claiming you are innocent.  There are so many legitimate, possible, defenses in a DUI case that you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice by entering a plea of guilty or no contest.  What is more is you face the possibility of a minimum of six days in jail on certain first offense cases.  And once you enter your plea of guilty or no-contest the judge can sentence you to jail, on the spot – the judge has no power, and will not reduce your charges if you enter a plea – this is a criminal case.

2- Call us at (330) 752-6706 immediately.

Every day I see people, and rookie attorneys, making the mistake of entering a plea at their first hearing.  They, attorneys included, do this out of both ignorance and fear.  They do not want to upset the judge, they do not know how to handle these types of cases.  At a minimum I, and every attorney that works for me : (1) obtains the dash cam video, (2) obtains the full police report, (3) obtains the results of any chemical test – breath/urine/blood, (4) obtains any witness statement, (5) files the appropriate motions to have the prosecutor’s evidence thrown out.

These cases are not slam dunks for the prosecutors.  There are certain groups out there that spend millions of dollars putting propoganda out about how tough these cases are to win.  And to be certain they are tough cases, however, our attorneys defend these cases in court every day.  We would not be in business if we were not successful.

CALL US FOR YOUR PRESSURE FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION.  Even if I do not agree to take your case on I will make sure you are referred to an attorney that will properly represent you.  I want to help you, and I like to win these cases.  Call me at (330) 752-6706 to discuss how I can become your Akron DUI Attorney today.

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